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Standard Ladder 25

Standard connector and pin are suitable for a very wide range of uses: fixed installations, fair organization, furnitures, fashion.



Truss list - Weight
TB 6205Standard Truss  Ladder 0.5 m

1.63 kg

TB 6210Standard Truss  Ladder 1.0 m

2.75 kg

TB 6215Standard Truss  Ladder 1.5 m

3.86 kg

TB 6220Standard Truss  Ladder 2.0 m

4.96 kg

TB 6225Standard Truss  Ladder 2.5 m

6.10 kg

TB 6230Standard Truss  Ladder 3.0 m

7.22 kg

TB 6235 Standard Truss  Ladder 3.5 m

8.34 kg

TB 6240Standard Truss  Ladder 4.0 m

9.45 kg

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