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Lift 6

The idea of a lifter for Line Array systems comes from show professionals’ needs to have a light and dynamic system.
Thanks to its strong, tough, versatile but small structure, LIFT is suitable in any professional situation.
It is made of Euro 29 trio truss and designed to lift Line Array systems up to 6 m with a maximum loading capacity of 300 kg.
Available with hand-winch system or motorized DIVO 320 kg system. Assembling ease and quickness make LIFT be the most suitable product for service organizers and show business operators in general.
Here below you can find the loading capacity figures according to windspeed and speakers’ area.
Upwinds action is not considered. The use of upwinds increases the tower’s stability and slightly reduces the need
of ballasts. We support the use of upwinds fastened to the ground.


Main tube Æ 50x2,0 mm.
Diagonal tube Æ 20x2,0 mm.

Loading capacity 300 kg


Lift 6,0 - 0,3 T
TB 9670 Complete kit Lift 6.0 - 0,30 T with: nr 1 TB 9671, nr 1 TB 9672, nr 1 TB 9673, nr 2 TB 12325

70.00 kg

TB 9671 Lift Base H 1,25 m

20.00 kg

TB 9672 Tower-to-winch/hoist support

5.00 kg

TB 9673 Lift head

9.00 kg

TB 12325 Euro 29 Trio truss 2,5 m

12.23 kg

TBF TSX16 Flight Case for Lift 6  

Download the Technical Info in PDF file

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