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SuperProfessional HD 52x100

Aluminium 6082-T6 alloy Truss, main tube Ø 50 x 5 mm, diagonal tube
Ø 45 x 3 mm and Ø 30 x 3 mm.
Coupling system, accessories and purposes are the same as SuperProfessional 52x52 and 52x76.
The 52x100 section truss is the ideal solution for very high loading installations and
Roof Systems over 20 m span. It guarantees an impressive loading capacity at the right cost.

Main tube
Æ 50x5,0 mm.

Diagonal tube
Æ 45x3,0 mm.
Æ 30x3,0 mm.

Truss list - Weight
TB 1810 SuperProfessional HD 52x100 Truss 1.0 m

42.00 kg

TB 1820 SuperProfessional HD 52x100 Truss 2.0 m

60.00 kg

TB 1830 SuperProfessional HD 52x100 Truss 3.0 m

80.00 kg

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