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Euro 29 Tower

Euro 29 Tower with upwind bars, sliding corner block - 16 wheels, pulley head. It supports Euro 29 Square trusses and Lightcontainer 40x 56.
Accessories: hand winch with mt. 15 steel cable or electric hoist system with chain (mt.16-20).

Main Tube Æ 50x2,0 mm.
Diagonal Tube Æ 20x2,0 mm.

Euro 29 Towers - weight
TB 95120Kit Euro 29 Tower: nr.1 TB 95121, nr.1 TB 95123, nr.1 TB 95124
57.50 kg
TB 95124Head (nr. 4 TB 12002 included)
6.30 kg
TB 95123Sliding Corner Block mm. 410 x 410 x h 600
15.60 kg
TB 95121Base element h mt 1 with: Square truss mt1, nr. 4 adjustable upswing support bars, hand winch support, nr. 2 wheels mm 100, water level for tower verticality, nr. 4 ground adjuster tools.
35.60 kg

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