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Lift 7

The idea of a lifter for loudspeakers comes from show professionals’ needs to have a light and dynamic system.
Thanks to its strong, tough, versatile but small structure, LIFT is suitable in any professional situation. It is made of Aluminium Truss,Professional HD 30  Series, and designed to lift loudspeakers up to 7 mt, with a maximum loading capacity of 550 Kg. 
Assembling ease and quickness make LIFT be the most suitable product for service organizers and show business operators in general.
LIFT is the best solution when professionals need to integrate the potential of traditional Roof Systems, when already overloaded, or when other building structures (towers, for instance) turn out to be too expensive, too static or aesthetically unappealing to fit simpler purposes.

Main Tube Æ 50x2,0 mm.
Diagonal Tube Æ 20x2,0 mm.


 550 kg

Lift 7,0 - 0,55 T
TB 9710TB 9710 Complete Kit Lift 7,0 - 0,55T with:  1 TB 9711, 1 TB 9713, 2 TB 9714, 2 TB 9715, 2 TB 9716, 1 TB 9717, 4 TB 4425 , 1 TB 9536
TB 9711Lift Base H 46 cm
TB 9713Lift Head
TB 9714Lift 7 Stabilizer support
TB 9715Lift 7 Stabilizer
TB 9716Terminal front foot
TB 9717Professional/SuperProfessional Square Truss - 2,0 m special
TB 4425Professional HD 30  Square Truss - 2,5 m
TB 9536Tower-to-hoist support
TB 9720Kit Lifter for Lift 7
TB 9542Lifter-to-Lift7 support
TA 9720Lifter for Lift 7
RWM 500 Electric chain hoists 500 kg
RWM 520Chain (5x15 zn) 1 m for RWM 500 (16 m chain adviced)
TBF 047Flight case with wheels for RWM500+chaincontainer and tower-to-case support

  Download the Technical Info in PDF file

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