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Lift 4.0

The Lift is a system for hanging up loudspeakers. It can satisfy all show professionals' needs.
Very strong and easy to store, it is the best solution for any working situation. It is made of Aluminium Truss SuperLite 25 Trio and it is designed to lift loudspeakers or other equipments up to 4,0 mt with a maximum loading capacity of 300 Kg.
Quick to assemble, the lift represents the best solution for service organizers and show operators in general.
The following figures show how changes the loading capacity according to the windspeed and loudspeakers size without fixing upwinds on the ground.
Using upwinds is the key for improving stability and decreasing the number of ballasts.
We advice the use of upwinds fixed on the ground.

Main Tube Æ 50x2,0 mm.
Diagonal Tube Æ 16x1,8 mm.


 300 kg


Lift 4,0 - 0,30 T
TB 9510Complete Equipment Lift 4.0 - 0,30 T : nr 1 TB 9571, nr 1 TB 9572, nr 1 TB 9573, nr 1 TB 9574, nr 1 TA 8701, nr 1 TB 9575, nr 2 TB 8315

62.45 kg

TB 9571Lift Base H mt 1,25

26.00 kg

TB 9572Hand winch, capacity Kg 520, with 9 mt steel cable

10.00 kg

TB 9573Lift Head

9.00 kg

TB 9574Suspension Bar for Loudspeaker

2.00 kg

TB 8701Nr. 2 AL 8910 + Nr. 2 eyenuts mm 10

1.05 kg

TB 9575Upwind staff

0.60 kg

TB 8315SuperLite 25 Trio Truss 1,5 mt

6.90 kg



TBF TSX7Flight Case with wheels - internal dimensions cm. 144 x 57 x h 40 cm. 

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