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Modular Roofs

TRABES Modular Roof Systems basically have two aims: being a comfortable shelter for showbiz professionals during the exposure to atmospheric agents (wind and water in particular), and secondly, providing the users with a useful structure to keep open air events equipment safe.
The main difference between the well-known downhill/peak roof systems and the modular TRABES roof is the opportunity to take advantage of different roof dimensions using the same trussing components: this is actually known as trussing modularity, where the name of the structure comes from. By purchasing a modular system, whatever dimension it is, with PVC fireproof ceiling and motorized lifting system, it is possible to change the structure shape and dimension, both in length and width. And you can do this, without purchasing new components or new PVC ceilings (but of course you must buy new components when you want to enlarge your structure!). The specific modular system, which is the main feature of both the truss and the PVC ceiling, allows the professionals to have everytime a different structure in shape and dimension to perfectly fit the purposes of whatever event and place.
Even though the PVC ceiling concept has been changed to be adapted to the modular system, its main safety features (that TRABES customers and users perfectly know) are kept unchanged.
The PVC ceiling is made of modular parts, which can be added or removed, providing the customer with an unbelievable money saving.
Almost all the components used to assemble a roof system are part of the standard TRABES production and can be therefore used to assemble other TRABES structures.
We always provide the customers with a structure certification, both standard and custom.

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