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SuperProfessional HD Folding

This truss, with a triangular section and facet 570 mm, has a peculiar feature: its dimensions can be modified through the elbow system. The customer can reduce the size of the truss by gaining in ease when storing or transporting the product.

Main Tube
Æ 50x4,0 mm.

Diagonal Tube
Æ 30x3,0 mm.

Trusses List - Weight
TB 1910Traliccio SuperProf. HD Folding da 1.0 m

17.30 kg

TB 1920Traliccio SuperProf. HD Folding da 2.0 m

27.00 kg

TB 1930Traliccio SuperProf. HD Folding da 3.0 m

36.80 kg

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