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SuperProfessional HD 35 Square

Male-Female coupling system, Ø 16 mm pin with spring clasp, is the best solution for professional users. It completely satisfies all the specific working and loading capacity needs which are merely linked to show business.

Main Tube
Æ 50x4,0 mm.

Diagonal Tube
Æ 30x3,0 mm.

Trusses list - Weight
TB 1410SuperProfessional  HD 35 Square Truss m 1.0

13.00 kg

TB 1415SuperProfessional  HD 35 Square Truss m 1.5

21.00 kg

TB 1420SuperProfessional  HD 35 Square Truss m 2.0

24.00 kg

TB 1425SuperProfessional  HD 35 Square Truss m 2.5

29.00 kg

TB 1430SuperProfessional  HD 35 Square Truss m 3.0

34.00 kg

TB 1435SuperProfessional  HD 35 Square Truss m 3.5

39.00 kg

TB 1440 SuperProfessional  HD 35 Square Truss m 4.0

44.00 kg

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