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Euro 40 Square

Aluminium Truss 6082-T6 alloy, main tube Ø 50 x 2 mm, diagonal tube  Ø 25 x 2 mm.
Double trunk-conical shaped spigot, quick pin and “R“ clip are the best solution for high loading capacities. The wide range of accessories makes the product versatile both in a professional sphere and in situations where endusers need to rig heavy equipments (service organizers and show business operators).  

 Main Tube: Æ 50x2,0 mm.
Diagonal Tube: Æ 25x2,0 mm.

Trusses list - weight
TB  124405Euro 40 Square Truss mt 0.5

8.15 kg

TB 124410Euro 40 Square Truss mt 1.0

10.35 kg

TB 124415Euro 40 Square Truss mt 1.5

14.10 kg

TB 124420Euro 40 Square Truss mt 2.0

17.20 kg

TB 124425Euro 40 Square Truss mt 2.5

20.70 kg

TB 124430Euro 40 Square Truss mt 3.0

24.07 kg

TB 124435 Euro 40 Square Truss mt 3.5

27.20 kg

TB 124440Euro 40 Square Truss mt 4.0

30.10 kg

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